Ex Bodybuilding Champion Wai Teik On Why He Chose NASM CPT Course

In 2009, Wai Teik won both the "Mr. Singapore" overall title and the middleweight category in the Singapore National Bodybuilding Championships. He started giving personal training to his clients after winning these coveted titles. For Wai Teik, his interest lies not only in bodybuilding and personal training; he is also an award-winning photographer. Since establishing Wai Teik Photography in 1998, he has garnered 34 photography international awards, including those in USA and France. His clientele includes government agencies, advertising agencies, international brands and magazines.

Wai Teik was one of the participants of the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT) Live Workshop that was conducted by DSI Academy in December 2014. He felt that it is crucial for all personal trainers to be certified to improve their knowledge and professionalism. He wanted to learn more about different training techniques so that he can impart the knowledge to his clients. He found the NASM CPT course to be very well structured and conducted. All the concepts and terminologies were explained clearly and effectively. He was very impressed with the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model that allows him to cater to different clients with various needs. He encourages more people to take the course as part of a learning process, and not just to obtain another certification. A keen sense of interest will boost the learning process.

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