Artiste Edmund Chen Reflects on the NASM CPT Live Workshop

Edmund Chen, a Singaporean film and television actor, producer, singer, host and a business owner, had attended the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Live Workshop held at HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok. The program was developed based on NASM’s exclusive Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model, which is the fitness industry’s first and comprehensive training system based on scientific, evidence-based research. The OPT model helps to take the guesswork out of fitness training and produce the desired results for the individual.

After attending the course, Edmund has made significant changes in the structure of his own exercise training program based on the NASM OPT model. Previously he used to focus primarily on strength and hyperthrophy (which refers to the growth and increase in the size of muscle cells). However, he has come to realize that without first working on stabilization, he was limiting his own progress and increasing the potential for injury.

With the OPT model, he has been able to eliminate all the uncertainties and focus instead on his desired fitness goals. Fitness training effectively goes beyond just looking good; it should also focus on preventing health problems to live a pain-free life. A combination of proven training methods coupled with the correct mindset will reap the best results.

Edmund’s advice for those who are wish to embark on a career as a fitness trainer, is that they should enrol in an internationally-accredited certification course that strikes a good balance between establishing a strong theoretical foundation and teaching a systematic process to help clients achieve their fitness aims. For Edmund, the NASM-CPT, in achieving this balance, was a clear choice from the start.

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