Personality is the often misunderstood term used to describe people’s preferences and tendencies for interacting with the world around them. Each of us has a personality profile, which reflects our own unique blend of personality traits.

It is produced by hardwired paths used for thinking in the brain and influences how we think, how we feel and ultimately, what we do.

Put in another way, personality is a collection of our motivations, needs and preferences that serves as a blueprint to our strengths and weaknesses. This, it is important for us to leverage our personalities to achieve positive results and harness our individual talents.

DSI Academy has partnered with TalentSmart® to bring you the DISC Personality Profile. 

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We also customize training programmes incorporating DISC for Service Excellence, Leadership, Communication and Team Development etc.

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How the DISC Works

In just 10 minutes, it raises your self-awareness by revealing the strengths and weaknesses inherent in your unique personality profile along the four DISC dimensions:

  • Dominant
  • Interpersonal
  • Steady
  • Conscientious

You’ll discover your scores in each dimension, which of the 14 personality types best describes you, and your anti-type. Results bring personality to life via an unlimited e-learning programme featuring Hollywood movies and a virtual coach.

Use DISC in groups to increase appreciation of different work styles and improve communication and teamwork.

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Why it Works

The DISC personality profile test was created by experts in psychological assessment and is supported by research on hundreds of thousands of responses.

Exclusive Features

Blockbuster Actors:

  • Watch clips of your favourite actors bring each personality to life!

Type/ Anti-Type:

  • Learn which types clash and how they can work together effectively.

Goal Tracking System:

  • Shares your profile and track your progress online.

Purchase the Online format and get immediate access to your survey(s). Scores are revealed the moment your test is completed.



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